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Things You Can Do to Make Your Business Greener


Environmental concerns should be near the top of the agenda for governments and businesses around the world. Customers and voters are leading this charge, and it’s up to business leaders to take it seriously by changing their practices. 

But what exactly can we do to make our businesses that much greener?

Work Remotely

Transport is polluting. Unless you’re walking or cycling into work, you’ll be using energy and emitting carbon in the process of getting there. Therefore, encouraging your workforce to stay at home will help to make your business activities that much greener (though it’s not always straightforward)

Reduce Paper

Going paperless is something that most businesses have already done. You don’t need to print out a document for internal circulation. This goes for meeting agendas, work rotas, memos, and just about everything else. You can make this easier with the help of the right software. For example, financial planning and budgeting software will allow you to communicate data to colleagues without resorting to paper and ink.

Use sustainable products

Certain products are inherently more sustainable than others. Brooms that are made from bamboo, for example, are preferable to those made from metal or plastic. Naturally, you’ll want to consider not only the materials that go into the products you use, but the overall environmental cost of the entire supply chain.


Biodegradable waste can be tossed into a compost bin, which can then be used to fertilise a garden. If your business is large enough, you might run your own allotment, allowing employees to grow their own stuff. This provides a mental health benefit, as well as being green.

Slashing emissions

Running your air conditioners or radiators excessively will drive up your emissions. Insulate the building, and make the investment in greener air-conditioning solutions.

Install solar panels

Most buildings in the UK can benefit over time from solar panels. It’ll take you a few years to pay for the environmental cost of the panels – but photovoltaic cells are actually getting more efficient with every passing year.

Make life easier for cyclists

If your premises have parking facilities for bikes, as well as a convenient place for people to get changed before and after work, then you’ll encourage your workers to make their way using a non-emissive form of transport. This won’t just reduce the environmental impact of the business: it’ll also reduce absenteeism, and improve the overall health (and therefore productivity) of your workforce.

Do Business with Green Businesses

If you fill the pockets of polluting businesses, then you can’t be considered green – even if you produce no emissions yourself. You should consider not just your own activities, but those of your suppliers and buyers.

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