HONG KONG SAR – Media Outreach – 4 April 2023 – Financial PR (Hong Kong) Limited (“Financial PR (HK)”) is pleased to announce a strategic alliance agreement (“Agreement”) with Kerl & Cie Gesellschaft für Kommunikationsberatung GmbH (“Kerl & Cie”), a well-known financial public relations (“PR”) and marketing company in Germany. Through resource sharing and complementary advantages, the two parties will establish a mutually beneficial and sustainable strategic partnership, jointly providing high-quality and comprehensive cross-border financial PR services to enterprises in the Asia-Pacific and European regions.

Under the Agreement, both parties will engage in extensive cooperation in areas such as cross-border investor roadshows, media promotion, digital communication, corporate training, event planning, and market analysis through resource sharing. Furthermore, they will leverage their influence in professional fields and regions to provide cross-border financial PR services to enterprises in the Asia-Pacific and European regions, while further expanding into new regions and markets.

Financial PR (HK) is a leading financial PR company in Hong Kong, specialising in providing high-quality and professional investor relations, public relations, and media promotion services for listed companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Meanwhile, Kerl & Cie, located in Frankfurt, Germany, has vast experience in public relations, advertising planning, and design, and possesses a robust business network in Europe. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone for both parties to achieve a win-win cooperation. Both parties will pool their respective advantage to further strengthen their competitiveness, promote leapfrog development of both businesses, and bring new opportunities for development.

Mr. Hon Fung, Managing Director of Financial PR (HK), said, “We are thrilled to forge a strategic alliance with Kerl & Cie, which signifies not only our strategic collaboration in cross-border business expansion but also embodies the mutual trust and respect between both parties to attain win-win objectives through cooperation. At present, we have an extensive business network in the Greater China region and Singapore. This cross-regional cooperation allows us to broaden our international market presence and amplify our influence in the European region, leveraging Kerl & Cie’s strong resource network. We look forward to working closely together to deliver excellent results to our clients.” He added, “Going forward, we will continue to strengthen cooperation with leaders across various industries and regions, achieve complementary advantages, optimise resource allocation, and be committed to enhancing competitiveness while also bringing higher quality services to our clients.”

David Kerl, Managing Director Kerl & Cie, said: “We see great potential in this cooperation. As a leading PR company in the financial industry in Germany, we can add a real value for any Asian company that likes to communicate with the German public.”

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About Financial PR (HK) Limited

Financial PR (HK) was established in June 2012 in Hong Kong and is an Asia-based comprehensive capital market professional service company. It combines investment relations, corporate promotion, financial media public relations and online media release services in one. Its holding company is Shanghai Shihua Information Technology Service Co., Ltd., mainly owned by BlueFocus Intelligent Communications Group Co., Ltd. (listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: SZ.300058). Financial PR (HK) provides expert solutions for shareholders through flexible and innovative ideas that benefit both parties. Since 2013, they have contributed by organizing various investment conferences and awards annually, leveraging their professional knowledge and extensive networks to attract over a hundred companies and investors to exchange views on investment themes and strategies, becoming an effective and widely recognised communication platform in the Asian market.

About Kerl & Cie Gesellschaft für Kommunikationsberatung GmbH

Kerl & Cie creates tailored communication solutions for its clients and combines services from the areas of public relations, media planning and advertising. In addition to the information and media industry, their clients primarily include financial service providers such as banks, brokers, fund companies, derivatives issuers, stock exchanges and real estate companies. The range of services offered by Kerl & Cie covers the entire spectrum of communication and online and offline marketing.