NANJING, CHINA – Media OutReach Newswire – 6 June 2024 – Allessenz, a leading innovator in the European dietary supplement market, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking 13100mg Five-Fold Active Collagen Peptide Beverage. This revolutionary product marks a significant advancement in the fight against aging, promising to rejuvenate skin’s underlying structure and promote a youthful appearance.


The all-new 13100mg Collagen Peptide Beverage boasts a powerful trifecta of benefits: deep hydration for a plump and bouncy complexion, significant wrinkle reduction for a tighter look, and a unique dual-action sugar control function. This innovation positions Allessenz at the forefront of the health and wellness industry, catering to consumers seeking a holistic approach to anti-aging and dietary health.

Allessenz has meticulously constructed a large and efficient global supply chain network spanning across continents, able to quickly respond to market changes and provide consumers with a stable and reliable source of raw materials. By meticulously selecting the finest ingredients from around the world, Allessenz captures the essence of global nutrition and translates it into premium dietary supplements.

Allessenz champions a philosophy centered on healthy and joyful living. The brand caters to a global audience by providing the highest quality and most dependable health products across various categories, including vitamins, minerals, and protein supplements. Allessenz’s product line not only caters to consumers’ aspirations for health and beauty, but it also spearheads a revolution in the nutritional experience. The brand offers consumers a complete spectrum of nutritional supplements and personalized health plans, akin to having a private nutritionist at their fingertips.

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About Allessenz

Allessenz has a strong scientific research advantage, with a research and development core consisting of a professional team of over 80 members from top European research institutions, and long-term close cooperation with six well-known university laboratories worldwide, focusing on cutting-edge exploration in the field of dietary nutrition and jointly developing products. Starting from exclusive raw materials, in-depth research has been conducted to construct exclusive barriers including patents, characteristics, and technology. Leading technologies have been applied to products to make the effective ingredients in each product more easily absorbed and utilized by the human body.