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AIC Breaks the Silver Ceiling with bold new campaign


New campaign seeks to redefine ageing in today’s terms

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 9 January 2024 – The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) has kicked off a campaign to challenge societal norms and perceptions surrounding ageing. Running from 9 January to 5 February 2024, the “Break the Silver Ceiling” campaign aims to shatter stereotypes and showcase the capabilities of seniors in a bid to challenge the way ageing is viewed in Singapore. Just as the glass ceiling limits people at work, age stereotypes often limit people’s potential in life.

AIC’s Break the Silver Ceiling Campaign – “Boomer is OK” Run (Photo credit: Agency for Integrated Care)

The campaign starts with a video titled “Boomer is OK”, featuring the trio of Jack Neo, Bridget Jeet Pereira and Adam Abdul Rashid, who are in their 60s, alongside Victor Chan and Ngai Hin Kwok from Team Strong Silvers, who are in their 70s. The video, which will be running on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, seeks to celebrate the vitality and strength of seniors.

On ageing in Singapore, 66-year-old Adam Abdul Rashid, who is a retired police officer and coast guard, said, “Most people may think that at my age, I need to slow down and relax more. I’ve encountered my fair share of dismissals and discouragements, being labeled as ‘old’ and those who underestimate my ability to continue my pursuits and reach my goals. However, there are also those who recognise capability beyond age, and had sought my guidance.”

Director Jack Neo who turns 64 this month, had his share of ageism as well. “Many people believe that only the young will be popular enough to be successful in the entertainment industry. But I’m not ‘old’ yet. In fact, I’ve just launched an e-commerce live-streaming platform in collaboration with Terence Cao. This is something which was often thought that only the young could excel in, but I think I’m learning fast and getting quite good at it! This proves that the sky is the limit, not our age.”

Bridget Jeet Pereira, 63, mother of Singapore’s sprinter, Shanti Pereira, said, “I’m glad that my daughter is winning medals by breaking her own barriers and records and I hope to do the same in my own way. It is important to me that I stay active and continue pursuing my interests. Most recently, I picked up a new hobby of golfing with my husband! This is why the campaign to break this “silver” ceiling is meaningful – it is a reminder to everyone to change our mindsets about what seniors can do.”

Walking in Solidarity
As an advocate of the campaign, Jack Neo extends an invitation to the public to join his walking group, 老朋友趴趴走 (“Pa Pa Zao” / PPZ / @papazaosg) on 28 January 2024, in a collective effort to combat ageism. The free walk, which will cover five kilometres in scenic Punggol along the waterfront, aims to show solidarity and support for AIC’s “Break the Silver Ceiling” campaign.

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Collaboration with Mr Sabotage

AIC has teamed up with renowned local streetwear designer Mark Ong (Mr Sabotage/@SBTG_Official) to custom design and produce running tees sported by the relay runner personalities in the “Boomer is OK” video. Transcending generational boundaries, this collaboration not only aims to showcase the vibrant, youthful spirit of seniors, but also seeks to reach a wider audience, fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity.

TikTok Challenge: Can you beat a senior?
As part of the campaign’s digital outreach, AIC will launch a #BreakTheSilverCeiling Challenge on 15 January 2023. It will kick off with a series of social media video clips on its TikTok page (@aicsingapore), demonstrating seniors’ prowess in completing various activities ranging from shoulder tap planks to counting backwards in denominations of threes in thirty seconds. Viewers will be challenged to break the records set by these seniors using a specially designed TikTok filter, emphasising that age is no barrier to what one can do – physically or mentally.

Mr Tan Kwang Cheak, AIC’s Chief Executive Officer, shared, “It is time for us to move away from labels that restrict us as being ‘too old’ to do something. Through this campaign, we want to challenge preconceived notions and show that ageing does not diminish one’s capabilities. This campaign is a call to action for everyone to break free from stereotypes and embrace a more inclusive perspective on ageing.”

Find out more about the “Break the Silver Ceiling” campaign at the weblink https://www.breakthesilverceiling.com, and get updates by following AIC’s social media pages on Facebook (@aicsingapore), TikTok (@aicsingapore) or Instagram (@aic_singapore) with the campaign hashtag #BreakTheSilverCeiling.

Hashtag: #BreakTheSilverCeiling

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