The first week in new business premises is very much a mixed bag. In some ways, you’ll just be glad that you’re there; that your business has survived the move, and now you can settle into your new – and hopefully improved – space. On the other hand, you’re now facing a gamut of tasks that have to be accomplished in order to truly settle in to the new environment.

If you’re planning to move your business to new premises soon, then here’s a first week to-do list that can help to ensure you stay on track during this tricky period of adjustment – with all of these accomplished, you can then look forward to simply making the most of your business’ new space…

#1 – Update your contact details on your website and invoices

A quick job, but one that can be easy to overlook after the hurry of a move. In addition to making the update, it’s also worth posting on social media to inform your customers of the change – you don’t need to include the new address if you’re not comfortable directly publishing this, just a link to your contact page will suffice.

#2 – Check your insurance

Most business owners will switch their business’ insurance prior to the actual date they have moved into their premises, but it’s still worth making a phone call to make sure the policy is up-to-date and in operation.

#3 – Ensure fire safety

new building means running new safety checks, particularly in regards to fire safety. To do so, contact companies such as Analogue Electrics to request a maintenance check of your fire alarm system, and also check that all fire exits are clear of boxes and other moving-related items.

#4 – Familiarize yourself with the building’s security systems

Security systems such as CCTV and building alarms are only useful if they are able to function correctly, so you – or a member of staff who is responsible for security – need to be completely familiar with how the entire system works. If you experience any difficulties, call the provider for further guidance.

#5 – Organise a waste collection

Unpacking your business supplies in a new space tends to generate a lot of waste, so order a collection via your local authority (if possible) or a private company to deal with this. Try to keep all waste in a specific area of the building prior to the collection, so there’s no last-minute rush to ensure everything on collection day.

#6 – Test all electrical equipment

To ensure all electrical equipment has survived the move intact, plug in every device – even those you do not use regularly – and check that they are working correctly. If you experience any issues, arrange for a fix or buy a replacement as soon as possible.

#7 – Clear your old bills

Finally, go through all of the bills you used to pay for your previous premises and ensure they are settled in full. When you’re confident all the accounts are in order, double-check that all direct debits and standing orders have been cancelled.

In conclusion

With the above tasks ticked off, you can be confident that your first week in new business premises will set your company up for a straightforward, stress-free, and incredibly successful future in your new space.