Corporate events are an important part of business. They’re the perfect opportunity to market your company, impress clients, raise money, and get your name out there. Unfortunately, planning an event like this is far from simple, which means that mistakes are often made. While some of those will do little harm, others can derail your plans and even harm your image. With that in mind, here are six corporate event planning mistakes that you should try to avoid.


Starting To Plan Late

After making the decision to host a corporate event, you must begin the planning process right away. Many business owners underestimate just how much time, and work goes into pulling off an undertaking of this size. If you put this process off, even for a few weeks or days, then it might cause issues later. Begin your planning now by creating a timeline of tasks to be completed.


Expecting Guests To Show

You might put time and money into building your event, but that doesn’t mean that guests will come. The only way to ensure this is to promote it. Make sure that you start doing this well in advance so that individuals and companies have plenty of time to prepare what they need to. You should also ask people to RSVP so that you have an estimate of the number of guests coming. 

Neglecting Your Own Stand

The event may have been organised by you, but that doesn’t mean that all of the attendees will know everything that they need to about your business. For this reason, you should take a look at the top exhibition stand trends and create a stand just like every other company in attendance. You will also need other marketing materials on hand, like leaflets, flyers, and business cards.


Giving Nothing To Do

While some of your attendees will be busy promoting their companies, many others will visit just to see what your event is all about. Because of this, it’s crucial that you organise plenty of things to keep these guests entertained. Make sure that there are activities and guest speakers at your event and provide each of your guests with information on when and where they can be found.


Hiring Too Little Help

A corporate event should never be run single handed. To ensure that all of your guests are taken care of properly, you will need to hire plenty of extra staff, including caterers and waiters, door people, and other help. Hiring an event planner at the beginning of the process can also be beneficial, especially if you want the opportunity to look around and enjoy the event yourself.


Overlooking The Security Issues

Security should be a priority when planning an event of any shape or size. It doesn’t matter when or where your event is being held or how many guests are in attendance; you must make sure that you keep everyone safe. Conduct a risk assessment, considering all of the possible security threats, and do everything that you can to minimise and eliminate them.


Corporate events can be incredibly beneficial to your business, but the slightest mistake can spell disaster. To keep this from happening, make sure that you avoid the errors listed above.