Newtonshow is the most established science camp with 11 years of experience and more than 30K happy campers in Singapore. The company ensures their Singapore holiday camps have educational adventures and science-based fun. Whether it’s a holiday camp, summer camp, or even a Birthday Party, the camp organizer promises an unforgettable experience for kids.

There are two types of Newtonshow camps: science and multi-activity programs. These camps give kids a fantastic experience. The campers learn a lot of interesting science facts and have lots of hands-on experiments while making friends and having fun.  But it’s not just about science! The camps also help kids grow personally. They do activities that help them become better at school and in life. Every kid has a great time at camp while learning and growing. Parents can feel good knowing their child is gaining essential skills in a safe and fun place.

Newtonshow stands out from others with its unique programs for children, developed by experienced Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy experts. They send videos to parents, showcasing what their child did all day, allowing them to discuss the most exciting moments and providing empathy and encouragement for their child’s learning journey.

Newtonshow’s Summer Camps

As Singapore’s leading science camp, Newtonshow is thrilled to introduce many captivating programs in the summer. 

  • Among these offerings is the mesmerizing ‘Space Adventure’ camp, seamlessly integrating outer space’s intrigue with scientific exploration’s marvels, ensuring an unforgettable journey for young participants.
  • For children with a penchant for hands-on learning, the ‘Most Hands-On Science’ and ‘Lab’ summer camps provide an exhilarating experience with chemistry experiments that fizz and bang! These programs are designed to ignite curiosity and encourage discovery with every experiment conducted, catering to young explorers eager to delve into the world of scientific inquiry.
  • Adding to the excitement is the newest addition to the lineup, the ‘Harry Potter Science School,’ where children are transported to the enchanting realm of Hogwarts. From brewing potions to mastering spells and engaging in Quidditch matches, this magical experience seamlessly merges the realms of science and fantasy in a truly unforgettable manner.
  • BIG Adventure summer camp is perfect for kids who love exploring and trying new things!
  • Newtonshow’s Outdoor summer camp is ideal for children who enjoy outdoor play and exploration. It offers a dynamic environment where kids can immerse themselves in nature, engage in physical activities, and discover the wonders of the outdoors.

Parents can trust Newtonshow to provide their children safe and enriching environment to explore, learn, and grow.

Space Adventure Summer Camp

At the Space Adventure Summer Camp, each day offers a thrilling adventure into the mysteries of the cosmos.

  • Monday starts with questions about life beyond our solar system as campers witness moon rocks erupting, climb a simulated spaceship, and create galaxy oobleck. They also ponder what to pack for a lunar journey.
  • Tuesday delves into the history of space exploration with activities like using space binoculars and crafting lunar luminaries. The day ends with a Mars lander competition.
  • Wednesday looks to the future, discussing space plans for the next 20 years. Campers light up model moons, launch balloon rockets, analyze simulated Martian soil, and tackle the Keva ball pass finder.
  • Thursday brings discoveries from the Webb telescope, lunar phase studies, and the creation of space slime. Participants also engage in a spirited straw rocket competition and brainstorm ideas for a Martian base.
  • Friday concludes the week with exploring the seemingly impossible, including molding space play dough, crafting yarn planets, testing space trivia knowledge, and honoring campers’ achievements at an awards ceremony.

The Most Hands-on Science Summer Camp

Throughout the Science Exploration Camp week, young scientists embark on an exciting discovery journey, diving into various hands-on experiments and projects.

  • Monday starts with a Magnetism Mystery, then exploring Density with a Jag experiment. Then, it’s Time for Slime and delving into the fascinating Chemical Clock. Campers also engineer their own Lego zipline.
  • On Tuesday, participants dive into a Molecular Workshop and experiment with Sink or Float Candy Science. They explore Chemistry with Color Changers and even turn the juice into a solid! The day wraps up with an engaging Life-size Human Body Project.
  • Wednesday brings a closer look at Under the Microscope, followed by experimenting with Chromatography and crafting Baking Soda Powerboats. Campers explore the science behind Jello and construct their own Marshmallow Flingers.
  • Thursday’s agenda is filled with Color Chemistry exploration, uncovering the Inside Story of Diapers, Dissolving M&M experiments, and investigating Heat Dynamics with Heat and Cool-down activities. The day ends with a splash as campers delve into Water Balloon Science.
  • Finally, Friday wraps up the week with exciting Kitchen Science experiments, exploring Colors on the Move, trying out the Poke the Bag experiment, and delving into Eye Experiments. The week concludes with a celebratory Awards ceremony recognizing the incredible achievements of our budding scientists.

Campers deepen their understanding of scientific principles through these engaging activities and foster creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning.

Lab Summer Camp

Young scientists are immersed in a whirlwind of hands-on experiments and exciting discoveries throughout the week at the Science Extravaganza Camp.

  • Monday starts with Explosive Chemistry, as campers witness the magic of colored flames and craft their own Rainbow Chemistry Wands. They delve into Chameleon Experiments, exploring how colors change with different conditions, before wrapping up the day with a Fun Science Hour filled with laughter and exploration.
  • On Tuesday, participants embark on a sustainable energy journey with DIY Solar Ovens and Wind Turbines. They experiment with Edible Water Bubbles and delve into the world of Microbiology, discovering the unseen world of microbes. The day concludes with another engaging Fun Science Hour, sparking curiosity and wonder.
  • Wednesday brings a riot of colors with Color-Changing Slime, Starburst Slime, and Cloud Slime creations. Campers get hands-on with DIY Kinetic Sand and craft their Bouncy Balls before enjoying another round of Fun Science Hour, where surprises and excitement abound.
  • Thursday is packed with biological explorations, from Strawberry DNA Extraction to observing their cells under a microscope. Participants even dissect models of the human respiratory system, gaining a deeper understanding of how our bodies work. Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without another round of Fun Science Hour, fostering camaraderie and scientific inquiry.
  • Finally, Friday concludes the week with Saponification experiments, Wax Paper Magic, and Fizzy Lemonade Making. Campers indulge their sweet tooth with a Gummy Bears Workshop before celebrating their achievements at the Awards Ceremony, marking the end of a week filled with exploration, discovery, and endless fun.

Harry Potter Science Summer Camp

Young witches and wizards are immersed in a magical journey filled with enchanting activities and spellbinding adventures throughout the week at the Wizarding World Camp.

  • Monday begins with an advanced Chemistry Mystery and an immersive In the Dark Workshop where campers unleash their creativity. Participants craft their Glitter-Striped Tie and delve into light and darkness with a Light and Dark Side Mask activity. The day culminates in an exhilarating Quidditch Competition, where broomsticks take flight and magic fills the air.
  • On Tuesday, budding astronomers explore the cosmos in Advanced Astronomy class before brewing Polyjuice Potion Slime and creating their own Hedwig. Campers attend a Potion Class to concoct magical brews and compete in a thrilling Magic Competition.
  • Wednesday brings bubbling excitement with Bubble Science, followed by the unforgettable Neville Remembrall activity. Participants craft their own Magic Wands and design Golden Snitch Catapults before mastering Transfiguration in class.
  • Thursday is dedicated to Herbology, where campers learn about magical plants and potions. They experiment with Magic Oobleck and encounter a Captured Floating Dementor before navigating the challenges of Kevaplank Hogwarts and engaging in a Hogwarts Competition.
  • Finally, Friday concludes the week with an Advanced Potion Lesson, crafting Harry Potter-Felt Bookmarks, and creating DIY Prophesy Balls. Campers face their final challenge with the O.W.L. Exam before celebrating their achievements at the Awards Ceremony.

Campers deepen their knowledge of the wizarding world through these magical activities and develop teamwork, creativity, and a sense of wonder that will stay with them long after the spells have been cast.

BIG Adventure Summer Camp

BIG Adventure summer camp caters to adventurous and curious children keen on exploring new things! With a carefully curated itinerary, they offer an unparalleled journey through five captivating locations across Singapore.

Starting at the Natural History Museum, children will embark on a fascinating voyage through time, delving into the world of dinosaurs and beyond. Following that, Tuesday brings an immersive experience in science at the renowned Science Center Singapore, featuring interactive workshops and intriguing mysteries to solve.

Thursday is dedicated to connecting with nature as children venture to various farms in Singapore, where they will learn about bullfrogs and koi fish. Kids even try to cultivate their crops. Monday promises thrilling adventures at East Coast Park, with team-building activities, sandcastle construction, and archery sessions.

Midweek, they unleash creativity on Wednesday at Artground, a specially designed space for children to explore and engage with modern art installations through touch and interaction.

Guided by experienced teachers, BIG Adventure summer camp in Singapore ensures a fulfilling and enriching experience for all participating families at Newtonshow!

Newtonshow Outdoor Summer Camp

Newtonshow’s Outdoor summer camp is perfect for kids who love to play outside. The company has been running camps in Singapore for 11 years and has seen many kids who want to run around, make friends, and have fun outdoors. Parents want their kids to have fresh air, a safe place to play, water to drink, and bathrooms nearby. It makes sure they have all of that covered.

At this kids’ camp, kids do fun stuff like archery, building sandcastles, learning to read maps, and doing cool science experiments outside. They can play games, do activities, and make new friends while enjoying the fresh air. Each day features a variety of activities, from shaking swing ball games to scavenger hunts and aerodynamics competitions, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. With water play incorporated daily and opportunities for creative expression through art and DIY projects, Newton Outdoor promises a fun and enriching experience for kids to explore, learn, and make new friends in the great outdoors.

Each group of kids has a teacher to look after them, so parents can feel good knowing their child is safe and having a great time with Newtonshow. 

The organizers of this summer camp in Singapore ensure that each child is well-prepared for their outdoor activities by providing them with drinking water, snacks, two t-shirts, a sun cap, and all the necessary equipment.


These kids’ camps are tailored to cater to children within the 3 to 14 age range, ensuring every camper has a blast while making new friends and creating unforgettable memories. 


The summer camp hours at Newtonshow are from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, with lunch at 1 PM. You can drop off your child between 8:30 and 9 AM to ensure they’re ready for a day of adventure! For added convenience, they offer a door-to-door bus service to pick up your child from a home address anywhere in Singapore. 

Price and Benefits

For just S$685 per week, enjoy a hassle-free, all-inclusive experience of these summer camps! The Newton Outdoor Summer Camp program costs only S$585 per week.

Your fee covers everything your kid needs for an unforgettable week: materials, a snazzy camp t-shirt, incredible photos, a certificate of participation, and even a limited-edition kids’ camp cap! Plus, the organizer offers optional bus transportation for added convenience. No need for uniforms at these kids’ camps! Ensure your child wears comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle for hydration throughout the day.


Get ready for an exciting  Singapore Newtonshow summer camps experience from May 27th to August 30th, 2024! 

Spread across four vibrant locations – CENTRE, EAST, WEST, and NOVENA – each kids’ camp promises a summer packed with fun and activities.

Please note that registering in advance is highly recommended to secure the spot for your preferred dates, location, and program.


From Cooking Camps to Robotics for Kids, Newtonshow offers various programs tailored to every interest. So, mark your calendars and join them for a summer filled with excitement and adventure!