Keeping a clean, comfortable, and safe work environment has always been important. But following the global pandemic, regular cleaning doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. To say that COVID-19 has changed the way we go about cleaning is a huge understatement. The new normal demands a new and more thorough disinfecting and sanitizing; this is why commercial cleaning is more important now than ever. 

What exactly can commercial cleaning services do in the new normal? And how do you choose the best cleaning service to match your cleaning requirements? 


Commercial Cleaning Services Will Keep disease-causing germs at bay

Keeping your business facility and commercial premises clean is one thing, but knowing the enemy is another. While we now have a rough idea of how viruses like COVID-19 work, live and get transmitted (from one person to another) – with so much information that gets released to the public almost every day and so-called solutions, keeping up with the latest health news can get confusing. Commercial cleaning services experts can save you from that hassle and let you focus on the more important things – running your business.

Like it or not, the virus is here to stay. For businesses and organizations to keep their competitive edge, they need updated policies and procedures for running their business in a new normal setting. This means learning how to navigate through the new guidelines and keep everyone safe in the workplace.

Commercial cleaning services companies have all the right cleaning equipment, industrial cleaning tools, cleaning solutions, and professional expertise to rid your workspace of any disease-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses and minimize the risk of infection and contagion in the workplace.

They have a well-trained and reliable staff that can perform the cleaning job with the highest efficiency and match your unique cleaning needs (based on your industry or nature of business). It is important that you choose the best and most qualified professional cleaning service to create the right impression on your customer. 


Commercial Cleaning Services Follows Government Guidelines

As new information about the virus emerges, government and health experts will have updated information and guidelines on health and safety protocols too. Again, while you can keep yourself updated with new information, wouldn’t it be more practical for you to focus on your business instead, like your daily operations, development plans, employee concerns, etc.? 

Also, it wouldn’t be practical to expect your employees to know and keep up with all the new health and safety standards being imposed by the government, and implement them with their cleaning on top of the jobs they already do. You want people who are highly trained cleaners that have access to professional and industrial cleaning tools. Your employees are trained to run your business; commercial cleaners are hired to perform a cleaning job. 

The biggest concern for businesses today is meeting the health and safety protocols of both their local government. While you cannot get rid of the risk, you can minimize the risk.

If you want to ensure your staff and customers of a safe environment, then your best bet is to hire professional commercial cleaning services to do the cleaning and maintenance of your premises. They have all the information and resources to keep up with all the best practices and protocols requires for businesses, especially in your area.


Commercial Cleaning Services Disinfects and Sanitizes Your Workplace

As said earlier, the new normal demands a new brand of cleaning that requires thorough disinfection and sanitation. To do that efficiently and safely, you will need special-grade equipment, cleaning agents, and training to handle various chemicals and solutions. Not to mention you will need to invest in safety equipment, such as personal protective equipment, gloves, boots, industrial-grade masks, etc. The cost of these things can pile up. This is the biggest advantage of hiring commercial cleaning services – they can help keep your premises clean and safe without the added cost.

Sure you can expect your in-house cleaning employees to follow basic cleaning protocols and avoid mishandling cleaning solutions and chemicals. But do you really need that risk now? A simple accident can lead to serious damage, not just for your employees, but for your operations too. Your best bet is to call in the experts, and not ask your employees to handle dangerous situations outside of their expertise.

Commercial cleaning experts are well-trained and experienced to handle various cleaning chemicals for efficient and safe deep cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation of your premises. They can provide the commercial cleaning you need to remain focused on your business and keep it up and running in a clean and safe environment.

Moreover, more and more commercial cleaning companies are now offering green cleaning solutions. This means they use 100% natural, safe, environmentally-friendly, and effective cleaning solutions, instead of harmful chemicals.


What to Look For In a Commercial Cleaning Services Company

Modern Cleaning Techniques

Modern techniques offer the most efficient, quick, and safe solutions. So look for commercial cleaning companies that offer electrostatic disinfection.

Electrostatic disinfection is an industrial cleaning technique that uses charged disinfectant sprayed across the rooms, covering hard surfaces for a more thorough and efficient cleaning. This is the most effective disinfection technique for virus-contaminated areas.


A Thorough Cleaning Plan

Another thing you need to consider is the cleaning procedures of the company. Ask for the risk assessment of their cleaning service for your entire establishment before identifying specific areas that need utmost attention and care. You can find this in their professional cleaning plan.

Make sure their professional cleaning plan is complete and comprehensive. It should include specifics, such as deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, cleaning of high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, elevator buttons, stairway banisters, telephones, door handles, etc. As well as hard-to-reach areas such as below desks, window cleaning, ceilings, around radiators, etc.

Also, you should at least meet their cleaning team and get to know their leader or supervisor before they start their cleaning.


Final Thoughts on Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

There is no shortage of motivations and reasons to be extra meticulous in keeping your workplace cleaner now more than ever. You owe it to your customers to do so. 

While there may be debates over the extent of business owners’ liability in the event of virus transmission in the workplace, your focus should be on the reputation of your business, and the safety of everyone that gets in and out of your premises.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company is probably the best way to keep your business and the people who run it safe. They have the expertise and right tools to combat any threat. With the right cleaning services for your business, you can rest assured that you get your money’s worth.