Due to the global pandemic, business globally has been affected, with the ability to operate almost impossible as all human contact essentially ceased to combat the ongoing health prices.


In the UK, businesses are now under the immense pressure to react and adapt to the conditions, finding new ways to continue to conduct business without suffering delays that could threaten their bottom lines and even their operating future in such unprecedented circumstances. The solution to this was being forced to attempt to operate remotely by working from home, which left millions of companies with a desperate need to now create a remote working IT infrastructure rapidly to keep themselves afloat.


The financial cost of this can be extremely unaffordable for some businesses, with the constraints of their smaller budgets combined with lower profits meaning that they had to quickly review their funding for IT and look to find affordable solutions in a timely manner that would take the hassle and stress out of this process.


As a company providing such streamlined and effective solutions, TSplus answers the crisis calls of these businesses by placing itself as the most cost effective and functionally efficient provider of user-friendly and robust remote access software in the UK market by offering a model of permanent licencing that means that there are no additional costs past the initial point of purchase with no subscription fees or any future payments. This cost is also very affordable for businesses of all sizes which are able to capitalise and excel into their remote working futures.


TSplus has also responded rapidly to the immediate needs of their clients, providing top quality service, and growing not just in the United Kingdom, but worldwide with a customer base which now exceeds over 5 million users who have adopted at least one of the many services that the company has to offer.

Despite the current acceleration of the company’s size and profile, TSplus is a company with a history and reputation, having served the public for over 15 years through its IT provisions and customer centric approach to its solutions.


Their flagship software, TSplus remote access is a feature-rich top-quality product offering with which the company has invested numerous of years and consistent funding into its development to make it one of the most comprehensive and successful solutions available to buy throughout the entire market today. This product has been tried and tested by many in the industry and is the foundation for which the company continues to build on and develop its future services.


The company has capitalised on this work by recently taking the opportunity to grow and expand its current product offerings with the new development of two additional solutions: TSplus Remote Support and TSplus Remote Work which have now been added into its portfolio and created a whole package of provisions that make it the ultimate suite of remote access software. This empowers businesses to succeed pre pandemic achievements by providing such efficient tools that every business needs in their operational endeavours.


TSplus has five total solutions to help provide all the technical software possible to solve all remote IT problems.

  • TSplus Remote Access provides customers with a remote desktop and application delivery infrastructure that allows them to work from anywhere in the world as if they were simply sat in the office.
  • TSplus Remote Support allows users to share their screens and provides remote assistance to help combat any problems a user may have.
  • TSplus Remote Work turns your home PC into the office PC and allows you to connect remotely
  • TSplus Advanced Security is the all-in-one cybersecurity package that protects and defends your company’s sensitive data.
  • TSplus Server Monitoring provides real-time monitoring of the remote desktop server and keeps the business performing at full capacity to ensure the ability to work at all times.