Offices are filled to the brim with recycled air, artificial lights, and – if you’re really unlucky – the guy on the next desk coughing up a storm all over you. There are so many reasons that it’s a good idea for employees to get out of the office and into the fresh air in the day time, and if you can create that space for them, you’re going find people work better for it! It doesn’t matter if you work on your own or whether you have a whole team, an outdoor working space is going to benefit you. 


It’s not just about a place to breathe easier, to stretch when you need to get away from the desk; it’s got so many benefits, including:

  • Vitamin D provision
  • A feeling of restoration and clearing your head
  • Reducing the chances or workplace boredom
  • A chance to blow off the cobwebs and think!
  • Socializing with others


There are so many ways that you can encourage plenty of breaks, too, but if you have an outdoor space to head to, you’re going to do it so much better. So, how can you create an outdoor office space for you and your staff that they can rely on?

In The City

If your office space is in the concrete jungle of the city, you can still create an outdoor area to be enjoyed. While the concrete doesn’t look too appealing, you can create a green space that you can relax in. You’ll need a seating space in the shade, plenty of climbing plants and flowers, furnishings in bright colors to make everyone feel like they can relax. It would be best if you also had a covered area for those who like to smoke. Accompany this with lights from https://www.lepro.co.uk/high-bay-led-lights, and those working late into the night will be able to go outside comfortably. The city doesn’t mean any space to breathe, either. The outdoor area of your business is going to appeal to your staff!

Multi-Office Building

Not every office is alone in their building, with most office blocks having more than one business per floor. You can all get together as leaders and create a big enough space that accompanies all of you and shares the cost, too. You can also create a roof garden for the building if the landlord agrees. You can all add a personal touch for your businesses and still have something individual for all.

In The Field

Of course, if your business is a part of a big field, you’re going to have a lot of space, but it’s not about the expanse of grass. You need to have space for a seating area, and if you feel really generous, some massive outdoor games. People need a break from the computer, and you can add temporary tents to shade people, with beautiful seating, too.


There are plenty of neat ideas for your outdoor space if you’re brave enough to consider them all! Try the options above and see what works for you