How to Start a Coffee Shop Starting a coffee shop can be a fun, rewarding and lucrative business venture. There is always a strong demand for good coffee shops and it can attract all kinds of different customers throughout the day, but it can also be competitive so you must know how to succeed. Read on for advice for starting your own small coffee shop.  Design The design of the store will be vital to success. If you think about your favoured places to stop for coffee, it is likely that they all have an intelligent design which is comfortable but still easy for staff and customers to walk around. You also need to think about decor and create a relaxing, welcoming environment – this means having artwork, plant life and lots of natural light.

Location Location is everything with this type of business. You need to be somewhere with a lot of footfall as you will get most of your business from people passing by and stopping off as opposed to planning to visit your shop. High streets, near train stations and cultural hotspots are all good locations.  Compliance You will, of course, need to register your business and be compliant. This will involve choosing a business structure, getting a license for the location, arranging insurance, being compliant with Health & Safety and registering with HMRC.


You will need to find high-quality and reliable suppliers and build a strong relationship. This will involve suppliers of coffee but you may also want to sell sandwiches, crisps, other beverages etc.  Equipment It is also important that you invest in high-quality equipment that will allow you to make delicious coffee for your customers and keep up with demand. This will include having a high-quality espresso machine from somewhere like Nisbets and a coffee grinder – you will then also need other equipment for processing payments, accounts etc.

Promotion It is then a case of raising awareness about your store. It is important to use digital marketing and to use social media to raise awareness, but with this type of business you can benefit greatly from more traditional forms of marketing. This might include hosting a launch party, ads in the local paper, forming an alliance with another local business and posters around town.  Starting a coffee shop can be highly rewarding and it can be a lucrative business venture if you know what you are doing. This post should help you to get started and to lay the foundation for what will hopefully be a successful business.