Frank Olgers has been appointed as CEO of Red Ribbon Capital BV, Netherlands, a subsidiary of Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc, London. As CEO, Frank will be leading the distribution of Mainstream Impact Investment opportunities for professionals in Europe. 

A long career in impact investment, business development and financial services has seen Frank Olgers work with a number of high profile European-based wealth management firms with strong links in Belgium and the Netherlands in particular. 

As former Senior Relationship Manager for Care IS Vermogensbeheer (wealth management) in the Netherlands, Frank has worked with many HNWI, entrepreneurs, company owners and asset managers advising a portfolio in excess of €100 million. 

Frank Olgers, CEO of Red Ribbon Capital BV said: “Red Ribbon has an exemplary and impressive vision to invest in projects that conform to Mainstream Impact Investment values and strong ties to both the UK and Indian investment opportunities. Working in the Netherlands subsidiary allows me to continue to provide European professionals with topical opportunities developed by Red Ribbon”

We are pleased to welcome Frank Olgers as CEO of Red Ribbon Capital Partners BV, Netherlands. His Euro-centric approach provides us with a significant inroad into asset management and wealth management in this key region. Frank has many years’ experience in growing wealth in a sustainable and ethical way and has the directional strategic vision for our overall strategy, which is to apply Mainstream Impact Investment principles to investment products that benefit from global transition to resilient economies” said Suchit Punnose, Group CEO, Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc. 


About Red Ribbon Asset Management

Founded in 2007, Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc (‘Red Ribbon’) is an Indo-British financial services group building on the legacy of historical, cultural and socio-economic ties between the two countries. As India’s global economic role has burgeoned and it looks to a golden decade of growth – following the pattern of China’s trajectory template 20 years ago – the UK is shifting into a post-Brexit phase where trading and commercial relationships outside the EU are coming to the fore.

In this context Red Ribbon’s prospects are intrinsically intertwined with India’s forecast evolution from currently the world’s 6th biggest economy to the 3rd biggest, overtaking Japan by 2029. The Company believes these macro-economic changes will yield significant niche opportunities to be exploited in the bidirectional flows of capital between the UK and India.