Honey Corn launches an exclusive skincare kit in partnership with Spiriant the renowned airline amenities provider.
This mutual clean beauty initiative is driven by Honey Corn as a luxury organic skincare specialist with sustainability at the core of its company values.   Led by Honey Corn’s pioneering ‘Bee a Keeper’ campaign, and supported by Spirant‘s commitment to broker eco-friendly partnerships to best in class airlines.
Ayesha Ibrahim – Honey Corn’s CEO and Founder was also voted as Uk’s leading innovative entrepreneur by European Business Magazine 2020 for the incredible work that has been put into the company to date and so there is no doubt that Honey Corn will carry on to form great partnerships .
Bee Innovative
Passengers look for more ways in which they can off-set their carbon footprint, not always easy when you are travelling.
Honey Corn provides a unique opportunity not only to achieve a radiant in flight complexion but to help save the Bee population via the ‘Bee a Keeper’ campaign.
The innovative campaign aims to boost the Bee population whilst supporting local aviaries by investing in an ever-growing network of beekeepers across the developing world.
Bee Bold
A luxury gender neutral beauty brand born out of the desire to create naturally pure, artisan skincare. Honey Corn was founded in London’s Notting Hill by luxury brand consultant, Ayesha Ibrahim. 
Our products are made with Honey; Known as liquid gold because of it’s curative properties, our skincare range promotes and maintains healthy skin.
High quality plant based ingredients ethically sourced, ring true to our philosophy which is always – Botanic, Organic, Natural.
Bee Sustainable
Consumers today aspire to a positive lifestyle, which doesn’t stop when they board a flight. Honey Corn demonstrates a truly meaningful commitment towards sustainability and increasing the bee population, which perfectly complimented a Spiriant collaboration, launching Honey Corn amenity kits in the skies.