Hosting a corporate event is a great way to impress clients, stand out from the crowd, and raise money for good causes. It also helps to get your name and brand out there for the world to see. Unfortunately, planning such an event is far from easy, especially when on a tight budget. From staff and catering to marketing and food, there are many costs that you’ll need to plan for. If you’re pinching the pennies right now, here are six ways to save money with sacrificing quality.

Search For Speakers Early

No corporate event is truly complete without a motivational guest speaker or two. When you’re working with a small budget, though, this needs planning right away. Like booking hotels and flights, speakers tend to cost more the closer to the scheduled date that you book them. This means that you should start searching for potential speakers as early as you possibly can.

Use Volunteers As Staff

Although you will probably bring along a few existing members of staff to help your event run smoothly, your business won’t be able to spare all of them. For this reason, you may need to hire a few extras to lend a hand. Volunteers are a great way to add a bit more manpower without impacting the budget. You can entice people to volunteer for you by offering perks, like free entry.

Find The Right Venue

One of the most stressful tasks you will encounter planning your event is finding a venue. As hotels are the most costly option, you should consider other alternatives first. Outside spaces are often the cheapest, so you may want to look for one of them. You can always rent a tent or work with Glow Inflatables on an inflatable building for cover. Community centers work well too.

Look For Package Deals

Hunting for the cheapest quote for each individual expense may seem the best way to save money, but that isn’t always true. If your venue is able to supply equipment, food, drinks, and decoration as part of a package, then make sure that you consider it. More often than not, venues are willing to negotiate and offer you a better deal if you decide to use their services.

Make The Place Paperless

Email invites may seem too informal for some events, but they definitely aren’t for the corporate kind. In fact, they’re used more often than a paper alternative. As well as being cheaper, the main reasons for this are that email invites are eco-friendly and a lot easier to distribute. For this reason, you should try making your event completely paperless, using the web for all of your marketing.

Everyone loves a freebie, but there are some that just aren’t appreciated. Rather than wasting your money on swag your guests don’t want, like branded notebooks, pens, and mugs, you should focus your resources on making the event itself as memorable as you can. If you’re going to give out something for free, then offer drinks and snacks to keep your guests’ energy levels up.


Corporate events can be expensive, but, hopefully, with these tips, you can make yours a success even on a tight budget.