When you’re a business owner, you’ll hear various things about how you can keep your office at its best. Whether it’s introducing plants into the space, or making sure that you let some natural light in, there is plenty of advice out there for those looking to make their workplace perfect. However, a lot of the time people forget to talk about the fact that a clean office is key to business success, and to the happiness of your employees.

We know what you’re thinking. Why does it even matter so much? Well…

We hear it so often, but that’s because it’s true. The first impression that you make on your clients will dictate the rest of their experience with you, and if they walk into a dirty office, then you may struggle to win them over. Clients like to see a workforce that is focused, on the ball, and ready to deal with the task at hand. A dusty office cluttered with food wrappers is not the image that they will want to see as they walk through the door, and who can blame them, really?

Again, your clients will be looking for hints around your office about you as a businessperson. Are you focused, determined, and ready to deliver on your aims, or are you lazy and indifferent about the particularities of the jobs that you’re carrying out? Everything about you as a leader will be materialized in your office. Your opinions on office tech, cleanliness, and even the dress code of your staff reflect who you are, so don’t think that you’re not sending out messages about this all of the time.


When you think about all of the best offices you’ve been in, you’ll know that they are immaculate. If you want to run a professional, successful business, you need to make sure that everything about it reflects this; if you let the professionalism slide in some parts, you can be pretty sure that it will in others. Let your staff sit with their feet up on the desk eating burgers at lunch, and you can be certain that they will be lazing around all day before you know it, which isn’t good for business.


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be comfortable at the office when they’re spending over 40 hours a week there? However, being surrounded by junk really isn’t the best on a comfort level, and if you’re not cleaning all of your furniture in the office, then it’s going to go downhill quickly. Cleanliness and comfort are massively interlinked for most people, and you have a duty to your staff to provide the best workplace for them that you possibly can, so think about their happiness!


Being in an office full of dust is, obviously, not great for your team. From chest pain to asthma, there are many health risks associated with a dirty office (a few of which you could be held responsible for if you’re purposely avoiding getting cleaners into the workplace). Make sure that your cleaners are vacuuming, and using Steamaster carpet cleaners on a less frequent – but still regular – basis. Carpets are the main offenders for dust, so keep them clean to avoid health issues.