The Annual European Business Magazine Awards are being finalised and alot of the results have been established and soon to be annonced online and in the special winners edition for the 2020 awards campaign. A record number of votes were submited via our onlibne form and just under 40,000 votes came in which was a record . Whether it was the lockdown and the fact more people were online , either way , there was a huge amount of votes for outstanding comapanies and leaders in their respective industries.

Some obvious winners such as Elon Musk , Revolut , Shell and  Emirates Airlines there were many votes for the not so obvious industries and leaders inclduing Iowa Regional Development , Irelands IDA, Aetna , KasierweterEnergy , Coursera and its Ceo , Bogota Invest to the Group Ceo of  BDS Swiss , GFK  and Globalization Partners .It also included the Foundry,  the restaraunt in Leeds , winning the UK’s best restaurant for 2020 . The voting really did take into consideration not only leaders from old industry but there was a huge swift to companies developing new innovating technolgies and companies looking to become more sutainable environmentally friendly to achieving carbon free status. Areas like fintech , apps to sotware programmes and platforms got huge recognition in the voting and fantastic to see this being recgnised.

The awards are there to recongnise these new talents and entrepreneurs pushing new boundatries acrosss border and industries and we will be showcasing some winners in the upcoming editions. The voiting has been talking place all year and will some categories are still being voted for. It has been challenging during Covid centralising the results but we have got there.