Nobody in their wildest nightmares foresaw the COVID-19 emergency and the ensuring worldwide lockdown. Nobody planned for it, nobody knew how long it was going to last and what kind of consequences would slowly emerge. But, here we are. We know what is going on. We are in a recession potentially, three times as worse as the Great Recession of 2007/8. We know that the fundamentals of our economies are still there, alive and kicking. We also know that it will essentially come down to unwrapping the economy to get back on track. But how can business leaders do this, without falling at the first hurdle?

Invest in marketing

If there was ever a time to spread your wings far and wide, so that people know your name, it’s now. You must invest heavily in marketing. This is because you need to do two things at once in order to stay at the forefront of your consumers’ minds. You need to hold onto your loyal customers with automated marketing. This includes email marketing, SMS marketing, and indeed, PPC ads that target cookies of consumers who have made recent keyword searches, that you cover. However, it’s imperative that SEO marketing remains the main course of your marketing meal plan. This is because you also want to boost your organic searches, which allows you to hold onto your market share. According to RiceMedia, “businesses vulnerable to losing their market share as their competitors increase their marketing spend. Only by continuing to invest in SEO services can you keep up with the competition.” 

Know what you are eligible for

Governments around the world are stepping up to give grants and loans to businesses of all kinds, in order to keep them ticking over while in lockdown. However, you should read up on what you are eligible for, as some businesses do not qualify. A knowledgeable source like Vail Williams, lays out very clearly, the different ways of financing your projects and business costs. They also have incredible insight into different areas of business and industries. You’ll learn how to track and manage market expectations and spot the ripples in the water when things begin to look like they’re getting busy again. Staying one step ahead of the curve is so important, and being able to react quickly, just as much. That’s why you should form a financial plan of how you will recover post-lockdown.

Everyone knows the measures that are in place now. You need to have social distancing and make sure that every employee is wearing face protection such as a mask or scarf. The bottom line is, the virus has been controlled but it’s still out there. Businesses need to realise that not getting back to work is going to harm them in the long run, more so than the lockdown did. So be brave, and start demanding your employees to come back to work while obeying the safety measures.