The business world is an expansive field, one filled with plenty of successes and just as many failures. It is an open field for all to be had for certain, but it is also a competitive one, and filled to brim with competitors looking to overcome the other in reputational and financial dominance. It’s a cut-throat field, make no mistake, and if you want to enter the battlefield of business, you need to have this fact engraved in your head before joining the fray. 

That isn’t to say that it’s all bad, as businesses, particularly successful ones, have more than a fair share of success stories. You have the likes of positive financial growth, positive word of mouth from consumers, reputational gain that leads to more growth. All of these and more a successful business can look forward to. 

But despite all this appeal, it’s important to be aware of the other end of the spectrum as well: the failing businesses. The ones who have to constantly lay off their employee due to lack of work or success, the ones that have to downgrade their buildings or construction endeavors due to lack of growth, who have to eventually file for bankruptcy in the end because they were either in way over their and weren’t prepared for the trials, or was just one fish in a broad ocean with too many sharks.

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You have to look at both the positives and the negatives of creating a business. You have to be aware of what you are getting yourself into and ask yourself if you truly believe you can handle the potential risks and the potential awards. 

If you’ve said yes, then you’ve taken the first step in immersing yourself in the business market. The next step is gaining the information; something this article will help you learn. So, without further ado, let’s go into the process of what can help make a successful business. 

Business Qualities

A business’s growth or decline is defined by a variety of key factors, or drivers. These factors include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Growth – optimization in the form of stability, that which sustains and encourages meaningful growth.


  • Mergers or Acquisitions – when the goals of the business necessitate making a more unified and seamless collaboration.


  • Leadership – supporting and advising the leadership when creating a business plan or creative vision.

What Can Make a Business Succeed or Fail?

A business, one recently added or one that’s been in the market for some time, can have their business succeed or fail by a plethora of important qualities. The ultimate guide to business transformation, is knowing the facts and what you’re capable of to get the concept done. Some of these qualities include:

  • Customer Service – the customer’s experience is one of the most important aspects of your business’s success. Their experience with you and your business, positive or negative, will define whether they choose to come back or not, and whether or not they recommend you to others. 

Some ways to improve the customer experience include empathy, problem solving, patience, and insight. Having these and more in abundance can make a potential customer a recurring customer, and recurring customers are excellent for business. 

  • Business Idea – All the businesses in the world, successful or not, all stemmed from one quality that they all had in common: an idea. Every business is born from an idea, but some ideas are easier than others to make happen, others may be more difficult. You start the business you want to create by making an idea about what you want that business to be based on. 

Focus on the markets, what’s popular and what’s not. Play to your strengths and what you know and devise a way about how you can make a business out of it. 

  • Offering Value – An idea is all well and good, but by itself it’s nothing more than a concept, one without form. If you want to bring that concept to reality, you have to focus on what will give it value. What is it about your idea, that will have the audience you’re making it for buy into it? How can you make it appealing; how can you improve it? 

Business is about growth, and stagnation is something that you never want your business to be. Click here to know more examples.


These are just a few of the aspects, but this is a good start to brainstorming. Making a business isn’t an easy endeavor, not by a long shot. It is an ordeal that requires dedication, patience, resolve, and no small amount of ambition. If you have these qualities and more in mind, then you can start taking the first steps in growing your idea into something more tangible, and hopefully, more profitable as well.