We caught up with Anthony Leslie and  Lee McCarrick who recently formed a new partnership (www.anthonylee.uk)  stemming form their years of experience working on Savile Row .

Both  spent over ten years each working on Savile Row where they styled the rich and famous . Actors and singers alike would fly in to get their tailored suits done by both .One look at their instagram (bornontherow) and you can see why. AnthonyLee  is a personalised service where these two experience tailors will design and measure your tailored suit so you can look and mix it with the very best.

Your new venture looks very stylish
What is the idea behind the concept ?
The idea was simple; to bring what we know to be a Savile row product directly to the client, whether that be in their office, home or even members club.
Can you tell us a bit more about how the two of you met  and how the business came about?
Lee McCarrick- Partner

We first met over a decade ago on Savile Row, hence the birthplace of A/L and our signature #bornontherow. We learnt our craft working for Spencer Hart and our love for Tailoring basically stemmed from there. The business itself wasn’t born until 10 years later!

What are the objectives for the business for the first few years?
Firstly we just want to establish ourselves as a genuine high end Tailoring brand. Our idea is to bring a luxury bespoke service to gentlemen all over the UK and eventually even further afield to Europe.
Have you had any investment from outside sources or is it all your own money ?
No outside investment. In truth we started the business as a way of keeping our hand in, so to speak, it’s naturally developed from there.
What would you say your USP is? Why would people come to you as opposed to going to Saville row?
Our USP is definitely that we can combine industry knowledge with a Savile row product and bring it directly to our client. Our customer benefits from our years of experience on the Row but doesn’t have to pay the high end price because we don’t have the costs of a shop front.
Where do you source your materials from ?
Predominantly the UK, often Yorkshire Mill houses but we do have some Italian suppliers too.
Who does the measuring or is this what you do as a team?
This is something we do collaboratively. We both have different skill sets that combine naturally together.
What do you find starting off as a new business has been the hardest challenge?
Well business development is always a tricky task from the outset for anyone. Reassuring our client base that they really are getting a Savile Row product for a lot less money.
Where do you take your inspiration from when it comes to designing the suits?
Our style stems from Icons like Steve McQueen and Sean Connery as Bond. We have developed the product in time to reflect the needs of our market – businessman to artists.