How to make your business sustainable

Sustainability is something we are hearing about constantly. This is down to the effects of
global warming and how climate change is going to significantly impact us.

The UK government recently announced a commitment to cut gas emissions to almost zero
by 2050. This has come under attack by many, but the effort to cut emissions and create a
more sustainable workforce is rolling out across the world.

If you haven’t thought, or don’t know how to make your company a little more sustainable,
we’ve highlighted a number of ways you could achieve sustainability within your company

Define the goal

The first thing you should do is define what it is you’re doing, and what you want to achieve.
It’s a good idea to set a time frame for this so that you and those within the company know
where the company is going, and when certain targets need to be met. This should then help
everything else fall into place.


In a world where digital devices have all but taken over, going paperless could be the biggest
step to making your business more sustainable. From contracts to notes and contracts and
instruction manuals, realistically, none of these need printing in a world where everyone
works from a screen or has one in their pocket at all times. Obviously, there will be some
items that may need printing, and places such as First Mile offer confidential paper recycling
to take care of this – helping you to narrow down exactly what needs to be on paper.


It may sound simple, but you’d be surprised at how many companies don’t do this. Start
simply with card and paper – after all, people will no doubt still have these in the building for

some reason. Then you can move into other areas such as plastic, cans, cartridges etc. Of
course, for some of these, you may need specialists, but overall, it can be done in-house with
the right coloured bins and a bit of discipline amongst staff.

Supply Chain

When it comes to sourcing materials and partners, no matter what it is you’re looking for,
make sure you work with companies that are trying to achieve the same goals as yourself.
This could ultimately lead to less waste overall and work towards sustainability in a much
more collaborative way.

Keep Improving

No matter how much you’re doing, you can probably improve on it. Therefore, even if you
have a plan outlined to help your company become more sustainable, constantly look at
what’s been done and see if certain things could be achieved quicker or better. This could
also help you find other areas that you could improve on that you hadn’t yet considered.

Of course, there are more ways to make a company more sustainable, but by following these
it’s a start, and a step in the right direction.