Avito, Russia’s leading classified ads destination, has overtaken U.S based global powerhouse Craigslist for the first time after website analytics platform Similarweb published their November 2021 rankings. 

Founded in 2007, Avito possesses nearly 50 million monthly users with more than 86 million active advertisements currently listen on its platform. As a sizeable yet unique destination, it has become the country’s leading platform for safe, private dealings both for private individuals and for small/medium sized businesses to offer a variety of goods, services and even jobs. The site even offers an integrated delivery platform which allows customers to access it throughout the whole of Russia. 

While Avito itself prefers to measure its business impact in gigajoules of energy, cubic metres of water it saves or tonnes of waste it prevents from ending at landfills by encouraging the second-hand market and sharing economy. These new findings represent a big success for Avito, as Craigslist has held the position at the top of the Similarweb rankings for many years. The statistics show an astounding 279.6 million visits throughout November with an average visit time to the site of 11 minutes, in which time the average user sees 11.72 pages of ads. 

The company has also seen great success in usage of the Avito app, seeing its mobile platform across Russia rank first in a large number of domestic key metrics. The app led the way in the number of total sessions where it was used, number of active users, total time spent by users of the app, and also on the total number of downloads since the app was launched. 

Across the website, it scored as the global leader by number of publications, thanks to 86 million active adverts recorded to be currently stored on the site, however Craigslist does not record this and therefore it is not known how well the actual scores will align.

Avito was also noted globally in terms of e-commerce and shopping platforms, coming first in Russia and 14th globally by behavioural metrics and visitor interaction. 

Vladimir Pravdivy, CEO of Avito, said”Avito is a huge phenomenon in Russia, it has become a household name, like Google worldwide. Avito has also become a lifestyle for many Russians, and there is even a new profession born from activity on our platform called avitolog. This has all become possible because Avito is the country’s largest and most secure platform for meeting a wide range of daily needs, from buying and selling goods and cars to finding a job and services, renting a home, and much more.”

“Avito has not only become a go to destination for every Russian, but a key platform for the development of small and medium businesses, as well as larger enterprises. Our focus on delivering value for our customers, as well as our constant innovation, have enabled us to become number one in Russia – and now, in the world. But we’re not stopping there, and we’ll continue to move forward and develop new models to drive our leadership in Russia and globally.”