Arete Index Created in Partnership with Founders Forum and the Accumulator Angel Fund

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2024 / Oskar Hartmann, Founders Forum Group and the Accumulator Angel Fund today announced the 2024 Arete Index, the world’s most comprehensive list of global angel investors. The Arete Index ranks the top 1,000 global business angels by the value they’ve added to the startup economy, and was announced today at the annual Founders Angels Forum in London. The event is part of Founders Forum Global – a premier annual event convening the world’s top founders, investors, CEOs and government officials.

Arete Index
Arete Index
The annual Arete Index gathers 1,000 of the world’s most value-adding angel investors.

Angel investors are individuals who provide initial capital to a business or startup when the risk of failure is relatively high and most investors are not interested in backing them. They assume significant risk and are crucial to the global startup economy for filling this gap in the preliminary funding of new companies. In 2023 alone, angel investors in the U.S. funded over 19,000 startups with a total investment of $30 billion[1]. Yet despite their important contributions, their role and critical support are often hidden from the public.

“I have been an entrepreneur and angel investor my entire life. My passion is creating and supporting new ideas that will transform the world and improve the quality of life for its citizens,” said Oskar Hartmann, Co-creator of the Arete Index and the Founder of Accumulator Angel Fund. “I know firsthand the challenges confronted by founders on their difficult journeys, and often finding the right investors can make or break a project. I want to make this step easier for my co-creators of the world and help connect entrepreneurs with the right angels – those whose experience and network are best suited to their project. This matchmaking can vastly improve a founder’s chance of success.”

Brent Hoberman, Co-founder and Executive Chair of Founders Forum Group, said, “We’re proud to support the Arete Index, highlighting the value and importance of key business angels within our global tech ecosystem and providing crucial intel to founders with world-changing ideas. This report launches as we host our second annual Founders Angels Forum which convenes Europe’s super angels and unicorn founders to tackle shared challenges and explore opportunities for collaboration.”

“Globally, business angels invest over $46 billion every year to lift startups off the ground[2]. This initial funding to startups drives today’s and tomorrow’s economy,” said Dave Waiser, co-founder of the Accumulator Angel Fund. “The 2024 Arete Index is an elite list of the world’s top business angels, abundant in knowledge, support, aspirations, and resources. Our mission is to preserve and accumulate their legacies, and amplify their positive impact on humanity.”

The Arete Index evaluates angel investors by considering numerous factors, including the number, amount, and success of an angel’s investments, their ability to support startups beyond their financial assistance through network introductions, mentoring and coaching, and the investor’s impact on the growth and development of their invested companies.

About The Arete Index

The annual Arete Index gathers 1,000 of the world’s most value-adding angel investors. Created by Oskar Hartmann in conjunction with Founders Forum Group and the Accumulator Angel Fund, it ranks the world’s angel investors by the amount of value they’ve added to the global startup economy. To learn more, visit

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The Arete Index
[1][2]Global Startup Funding In 2023 Clocks In At Lowest Level In 5 Years

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