With this latest addition, carriers can easily access optimized freight recommendations across spot and dedicated sources

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2024 / Optimal Dynamics, the pioneer in artificial decision intelligence for trucking companies, is proud to introduce Source, the latest addition to its Execute platform. Source aggregates and recommends optimal spot freight, across all available channels including public load boards, emails, and private customer boards, empowering carriers to make decisions that maximize network utilization and profitability.

Source aggregates spot freight from all the sources a carrier works with.
Source aggregates spot freight from all the sources a carrier works with.
With the addition of Source, carriers can easily access optimized freight recommendations across spot and dedicated sources.

As the freight transportation industry continues to experience downward pressure on rates and rising operating costs, carriers must increasingly turn to opportunistic spot freight to fill network gaps and address empty miles. Selecting spot freight closest to a driver’s location at a point in time may seem like a quick fix, but often results in suboptimal load selections, leading to inefficiencies and missed revenue opportunities.

Source addresses this challenge by aggregating and optimizing all available spot market sources in a single user interface, allowing for simpler and smarter network-wide freight decisions. Leveraging Optimal Dynamics’ Artificial Decision Intelligence, Source then provides planners and dispatchers with real-time, optimized spot freight recommendations tailored to meet their specific network needs.

Key Features of Source:

  • Aggregated Spot Freight: Centralizes freight from public load boards, email communications, and private customer boards, providing a comprehensive view of available opportunities with a single search.
  • Optimized Spot Freight Recommendations: Utilizes a patent-pending workflow to deliver optimized recommendations for the most probable and profitable spot freight that aligns with unique network requirements.
  • Integrated with Dispatching: Automates the matching of optimized spot freight to drivers for single loads and full tours, streamlining the dispatching process within the Execute by Optimal Dynamics™ platform.

Source’s innovative approach ensures that carriers can proactively source spot freight that meets short-term needs while achieving long-term objectives such as driver satisfaction, asset utilization, and profitability. Source is integrated with Optimal Dynamics’ Tactical Procurement, Load Acceptance and Dispatching solutions, resulting in a fully optimized and streamlined workflow from spot and dedicated freight procurement to network balancing to dispatching.

“At Optimal Dynamics, we are committed to continuous innovation and platform enhancements that provide significant value to our customers,” added Daniel Powell, CEO and Co-founder of Optimal Dynamics. “The introduction of Source is a testament to our dedication to helping carriers optimize their operations by streamlining, simplifying, and optimizing the decision-making process.”

For more information about Source and how it is set to transform spot freight sourcing, visit the Optimal Dynamics website and follow the company on LinkedIn for details on an upcoming live webinar on June 26 at 12 p.m. ET.

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