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Trane® provides sustainable and efficient indoor climate solutions for the venues of the 19th Asian Games held in Hangzhou, China.

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Project At-a-Glance:

The opportunity: Support the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, with sustainable climate solutions, providing optimal indoor environmental quality for athletes and helping the Games meet their sustainability goals.

The solution: Comprehensive energy services and technology, including high-efficiency centrifugal chillers and air-cooled screw heat pump units for the Olympics Sports Center Stadium, the Natatorium, the Comprehensive Training Facility and  the New Century Hangzhou Grand Hotel.

When the 19th Asian Games closed in Hangzhou, China, in October 2023, the ceremony marked an achievement eight years in the making: Not only had the successful Hangzhou Games been the largest in scale, events and coverage across the 110-year tradition, but they had also been the most sustainable.

Guided by the goal of hosting a “green, smart, economical, and ethical” event, the organizers aimed from the outset to incorporate sustainable, low-carbon strategies into practice throughout the design, construction, operation and future use of each Games venue. To help meet their goals of delivering the first carbon-neutral Asian Games while building a zero-carbon Hangzhou benchmark for the games, organizers partnered with Trane®.

Trane provided sustainable and efficient climate solutions for the three Asian Games stadiums, including the Olympic Sports Center Stadium, the Natatorium and the Comprehensive Training Facility, as well as one of the athlete hotels – New Century Hangzhou Grand Hotel. Trane’s customized solutions for the Asian Games venues, including high-efficiency centrifugal chillers, high-efficiency air-cooled screw heat pump units and ongoing professional services, helped create healthy, sustainable indoor environments where the Asian Games athletes could excel.

Centrifugal chiller units promote high-efficiency performance

The first key benchmark for air quality was the air-conditioning coefficient of performance (COP) of centrifugal chiller units. To meet the green building two-star requirement, the COP would need to be greater than or equal to 6.254. Following field surveys and internal deliberations, the Trane team decided to deliver nine high-efficient centrifugal chillers, including four 1,200RT dual-condition high-pressure centrifugal chillers (CVHG1100); one 600RT inverter centrifugal chiller (CVHF570); and four 700RT centrifugal chillers (CVHG780). With a COP of 6.27, the combination of highly-efficient chillers met the green building two-star standard, enabling efficient operation while achieving energy-saving targets.

Not only did the nine chillers meet the short-term, high technical requirements of the stadium design for cooling and ice production, but they will also enable sustainable operations in the years to come. For the high demands of the gymnasium and natatorium, the Trane team opted for a dual-condition ice storage energy-efficient air conditioning system. Thanks to its reliable cooling performance, the system provided a safe and comfortable experience for the athletes and spectators at the stadiums and will continue to promote a sustainable, healthy indoor environment for future use beyond the games.

Heat pump units for year-round climate solutions

Trane also furnished four RTXC200XE high-efficiency air-cooled screw heat pump units that meet the green building standard for the New Century Hangzhou Grant Hotel. The heat pump units will meet year-round demand for heat and cold air-conditioning through the units’ dual-compression design, providing global athletes and future guests with a healthy and comfortable resting and living environment.

And in addition to offering customized service solutions, Trane also incorporated whole life-cycle professional services for the Asian Games venues. Value-added services such as extended warranty and remote monitoring reserve technical manpower and allow for remote data support well into the future.

“We are very proud that all three major Asian Games complexes selected Trane to be part of this history-making Asian Games in Hangzhou,” said Enoch Xu, vice president of the China Territory for Trane Technologies Asia Pacific, “Trane has been an important partner on other national projects in China, such as the World Expo, the G20 Summit, and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. We are honored that our core technologies and high energy-efficient solutions helped create a healthy air environment for this international sports event.”

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