Your website is like a shop front but on the internet. That means it has to potential to be seen by thousands if not millions more people than premises in real life. Of course, that is why it’s so crucial that your website represents and supports your business appropriately. A topic you can read more on in the post below.

Poor reliability

Imagine calling a helpline and getting nothing but a dial tone, or dead air. That is actually the experience that your customers are having when your website goes down.

The problem is that because we are all used to everything being so fast online, if your website goes down for even a few moments it can affect many users, giving them a negative experience, and making them much likely to go elsewhere to have their needs fulfilled.

To that end, it’s crucial that you manage your IT and website proactively. A way that helps to prevent any website downtime and that also get things up and running again in a flash, if problems do occur.

Poor security

Another way that your website may be letting your business down is if it’s not protecting your customers’ personal and financial details. In fact, strong online security measure are becoming a huge issue!

Luckily, there are ways that you can deal with this including not okay asking for verification when customers log into their accounts online, but also by asking them to establish proof of residence in a secure way when they set up their accounts as well. In fact, using addition verification and safety features is an excellent way of reassuring your customers that your website is one that is safe to use in the confusion of the ever-growing cybercrime culture.

Inaccessible information

In there fundamental form a website is something that is used to convey information to your customers. Sadly, some are designed so poorly that they don’t even get this right! After all, your customers and users really shouldn’t have to work too hard to find out any important info.

Of course, if you wish to avoid this is crucial that you ensure any information displayed is easily accessible and understandable. Something that is partly to do with the hierarchy of text and typography used, and also involved with UX design as well.


Look dated

It shouldn’t be to be said but websites that seem as if they have been forgotten by time, are purely an online catalogue, have rainbow text with a black background, or display any other seriously dated design features aren’t going to be doing your business any favours.


In fact, if you can’t be bothered to take your business seriously enough to invest in your website and update it, you can hardly expect you, customers, to, can you?

To that end, even if you choose a drag and drop site with a more modern tone, be sure to update your website regularly. If you want to make sure it doesn’t let down the rest of your business that is!